EAGE conference - Amsterdam - June 2009

In parallel of all technical exposure we noticed an atmosphere of uncertainty during the EAGE show and presentations.
How much would be the impact of the global downturn on our industry ?
...waiting on decisions, ...budget restrictions, ...low oil-prices, ...cost-cuttings, ...redundancies, ...layoffs, etc.

Recessionary periods often act as fertile incubators for newborn ideas with innovative new technologies and business models,
in part because they clear room in markets by culling weaker participants.

SoleGeo does not have the disadvantage of conservatism, high running costs, being pessimistic about the future,  simply
we are flexible and can adapt to changes by better listening and understanding our present and future clients.

In our survey of several companies, listening to individuals and detecting moods during the conference,
we enjoyed making good observations and listening to all kind of music :-) as well:

Geology of Amsterdam : 1 Day Excursion !!
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Further impressions: Opening Session, Social Event and Exhibition floor

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