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Reservoir Characterization and Geoscience Studies in Exploration & Production

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SoleGeo Sarl., is an innovative consulting firm specialized in exploration and reservoir characterization services using proven and most recent  technology in geology, geophysics, petrophysics, rock physics and reservoir engineering.
Support is given in meeting exploration objectives towards partners and state authorities, creating added value and reducing risk. Accurate mapping is extended with geological and geophysical modeling using sound scientifical methods and best available third party software on the market.
Depending on the quality of existing well, seismic data and known geology, insight and analysis conlusions can be drawn and decisions to be taken. Best possible predictions are based on data consistency, previous experience,  deterministic, geostatistical and neural network techniques, depending on the type of problem and complexity.

Based in Paris, France, Solegeo was founded in 1999 in response to growing demands for flexible and highly qualified geoscience services.
In September 2009 we celebrated our 10 years of existence with a sound and creative plan for 2010. With lower budgets, high overhead costs, less profits for many of our clients, as we already experienced in 1999 in difficult economical circumstances, we again manage to do better, faster and more innovative in partnership. We help you in cutting costs and deliver at equal quality.

Our mandate is providing multi-disciplinary, technically sound, fully integrated geoscience services that improve your success in reservoir exploration, development and production. We supply cost effective and responsible services through clear and consistent team collaboration and reporting.

Since 2003 we expanded our partnership activities to:
  • Training Courses in Seismic Acquisition, Processing, Interpretation, Attribute analysis, Inversion, Quantitative Evaluations, Reservoir Geophysics.
  • Consultancy and/or Participations based on our reservoir characterisation advice work.
  • Turnkey shallow Acoustic, Electric Tomographic + Ground Penetrating Radar surveys.
  • Exploration services focused on your particular license area using worldwide analogues, databases and previous work experience.fd

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E&P Consultancy Projects and Teaching/Coaching

In 2008 we started to focus on exploration in NORWAY providing consultancy services in the APA2008-2009  and the 20th, 21th rounds. 
2010-2011 UPDATE

Our major objective is adding value in generating new leads and prospects and providing training.
In March 2010 we carried out a project for a new Norwegian client using a Petrel Interpretation software license + dedicated plugins on a powerfull laptop PC. In June 2010 we had a log interpretation assignment in Abu Dhabi that included open, cased hole and production logging.
Solegeo developed an innovative combined seismic structural/stratigraphic pseudo matrix porosity estimation method designed for Naturally Fractured (basement) Reservoir. For offshore Norway, India and elsewhere expected to be further extended during 2011.

A new NFR 3-day training course had also been organised combining several factors of importance to NFR exploration and characterisation, including the use of geological analogues for carbonate type of reservoirs where fracture systems play a key role in reservoir quality. A combination of well log and appropriate seismic interpretation, NFR and other advanced training courses were conducted in  UAE, Malaysia, Venezuela and in France.

pseudo matrixpseudo matrix
faults, subseismic
faults and fractures

Seismic attributes revealing very small fault (sub seismic) lineaments

matrix (pseudo) porosity estimations


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