Consultancy Services 2016

Reservoir characterisation:

SoleGeo has a long standing experience in using most innovative Seismic QI = Quantitative Interpretation techniques enabling the detailed mapping of petrophysical, litho-facies and fault/fractures related properties.

We carried out numerous seismic stratigraphic and structural interpretation projects for oil-and gas companies during the last 16 years.

Well-log Analysis, respecting Rock Physics laws  and Pre-Stack Data Conditioning generate and control far more accurate input for further even more detailed mapping, lithology and fluid-fill prediction over 2D seismic lines as well through 3D volumes.

Where appropriate: The use of Shear + Surface wave information, new leading “Vertical Drilling” and “Full Waveform Modeling and Inversion” software contribute to even more accurate estimates of hydrocarbon fill and rock properties, that was unheard of only just 3 years ago.

Workflows for AVO-AVA, Seismic Attributes Analysis: Geometric, depositional, physics related. Acoustic and elastic seismic inversion, hybrid methods, rock physics integration of geological (well) and seismic data interpretation through cross-plots and mapping of rock properties.

We use most recent third party licensed software of leading software companies. In particular cases we also used dedicated attribute and seismic imaging plugins that were previously developed with clients on an non-exclusive basis.


We have extensive experience in the development of leads, making depositional (static) models using both seismic and well data. Adding value to a license or prospect. Using cores and outcrop geology, seismic stratigraphy. Naturally fractured rocks (both basement and carbonates), non-marine, marine clastics, marine and turbidite, depositional systems using world-wide analogues.


Conducting Geoscience projects, teaching and coaching. Projects are carried out in client´s office or at wish in our own premises in Rueil-Malmaison.
Sharing knowledge and … the pleasure in unravelling secrets of nature …. also finding oil and gas.
Having a good laugh and a cappuccino, whenever possible.
Team players approach making also fun out of the job. Creative but result oriented, non-conformist. Regular reality checks through the eyes of others: client staff and academic technical experts. Persuasion and stress reduction applied where needed. Strong ability in detecting rodeo-and slalom methods while achieving goals.