Barents Sea Exploration 2012

In preparation of the 22nd open round in Norway, SoleGeo has acquired extensive experience during the year 2012 of regional and detailed mapping in the Western-Barents Sea. It is our continuous ambition supporting any exclusive operating or non-operating partner willing to acquire or extend its existing license portfolio, as well further to the North and/or to the East (Norway and Russia). We also carry out special studies using cutting edge geophysical techniques supporting your applications.

After participating in e.g. an Ichron Workshop and Fugro´s annual Geological excursion-and Field trip to Spitsbergen in August 2012 we are ready to assist you in geological-petrophysical and geophysical investigations as good as we can and as good as we are.


We offer exclusive studies to be carried out, inhouse or in our own premises, using the accumulated knowledge of key-experts and latest 2D-3D seismic data, well – petrophysical databases, and most of all fresh and unique insight in most likely play types at different “depth-and risk” levels.

Our preferred partner recognises the importance of underlying inspiration, considering unknown angles of
view and making both sudden as well growing contributions to future discoveries.

Hesitation between confirmed/conformist and unheard/non-conformist point of views, proven and risky approaches may co-exist before good decisions next to be taken. Communication is not something to expect from others, but something to stimulate all time to ourselves and to others most closely concerned.
Our Success is not only based on growing experience and privileged  scientific information, but also on team spirit, individual creativity,  flexibility and a good health of all that work together.
In steering the above factors, constantly optimizing the methods, motivating staff and finding best
matches and opportunities, then successes for any organisation and their investors are much likely to happen on the mid-and long term.