NEW 2017 Offer

If you are interested in getting your geoscience project done in just a few weeks or months, still to be defined at start: hire a seasoned  consultant for one of your 2017 projects. In particular, available in Stavanger: Benefit from Paul´s most recent nearly 10 years of experience in E&P teams focused on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.  Are you in preparation of expertise for the 24th Concession Round and the yearly APA licensing round 2017, give me a call please.

also occasionally I (Paul) still conduct geophysical training courses in English and French since 2004, large portfolio in basic  and advanced level courses, please contact me.

Presently, April, May, June 2017, we (Chris and Paul) working on the following multi-client sponsored project related to the NEW 4th Faeroe Islands Licensing Round. Ask for details and how you will get first results already at day 1. Join the crowd-sourced consortium for a minimum fee, starting at 5000 euros.

Seismic amplitude analysis reveal new volcanic and basement related petroleum plays in the Faeroes

Paul de Beukelaar, consulting geophysicist, SoleGeo  & Chris Parry, consulting geologist, GER X


Since the discovery and continued development of fields containing large quantities of hydrocarbons in both the UK (Claire & Lancaster) and Norway (Johan Sverdrup) interest has grown on how seismic can better detect or measure porosity in Naturally Fractured Basement – for crystalline/metamorphic or basaltic as compiled in a global NFR inventory (de Beukelaar et al., 2011) and adding recent regional examples e.g. Horni et al., 2015; Tracey, 2016; Vosgerau et al., 2016; Schofield et al., 2017. In the present study we focus on the further potential of seismic amplitude analysis related to possible conductive sills, wrench faulting and other seismically detectable geometric features with internal architecture (e.g. basaltic flows) with volcanic origin and related sedimentary processes by measurements from recently re-processed seismic data in the Faroe-Shetland Basin. Not only old basement highs and transfer faults perpendicular to the oceanic spreading ridge were considered, but in particular wrench faults and fractured zones that are associated with rifting of e.g. the North Atlantic and the Faroe-East Greenland ocean floor spreading zones, with the question if reactivation of earlier tectonic fabrics could have occurred.

If the seismic response bears essential information about present subsurface geometry, we had been motivated to further exploit the information contained in the variation of amplitudes in both post-as well pre-stack seismic data as support to further develop established ideas of geological processes that had taken place with underlying hope and serendipity that this could lead to the development of new play types of regional complex syn- and post rifting phenomena and associated volcanic history. In unveiling new ideas from old re-processed and new broadband seismic data, we use most recent quantitative seismic data analysis tools.

We look forward with enthusiasm, hearing about your interest,

best regards,

Paul de Beukelaar